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Last call for Europe! Let’s rebuild our future together!

President von der Leyen, President Michel, President Sassoli,

We are women and men of Europe, born from, within and for freedom. We are proud to belong to a civilization stretching back thousands of years, which has given humanity some of the most important achievements in its history.

Today we want to give our contribution in order to ensure that Europe can continue its mission, overcoming the crisis we are currently experiencing, becoming more fair, flourishing and inspired by real solidarity.

We are now on the eve of a summit which, whatever its outcome, will go down in history.

It might be remembered as the final chapter of a project whose implementation has given us the longest period of peace in this continent’s history.

This will happen if credible tools enabling us to face the and win the COVID19 crisis, will not be introduced, thus leading to the collapse of our economy and a social disaster the consequences of which cannot be foreseen.

On the other hand, this meeting of the European Council may be an historical turning point and represent a fresh start for the European Union.

It can bring real change, born out of real cohesion in our community, of a shared project based on our milleannia values, centred on human beings and their freedom.

Tragically, the last weeks have shown how fragile Europe is and how easy it is for national egoisms to prevail. European action has been, at the beginning, unfit for the magnitude of the challenge, both in terms of timing and of quality and size of the initiatives. The communication of European actions was cold, bureaucratic and ineffective, compared to that of other countries, such as Russia and China. Thanks to skilful propaganda, those countries were able to convince many of our European fellow citizens that they are closer and more reliable friends than the other Member States.

In 1919 free and brave citizens, men and women with a clear vision of the future, answered to the call which led to the creation of the Italian People’s Party. Little more than a century later, we want to be heirs to their enthusiasm and their attachment to freedom, renewing once more such call.

We therefore present you with a petition signed by European citizens of different nationalities. Italians, Germans, but also French, Dutch and many others who call you and the participants in the summit to fulfil your responsibilities towards us and future generations.

Europe needs to show a real spirit of solidarity, financing the recovery of our economy and, in this way, ensuring the wellbeing of our citizens.

We ask you to share this message with all the participants in the meeting of the European Council. We hope that all of you will be wishing to be strong and brave for the future of Europe.

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